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The photos on this website are made with 120 or 35mm film camaras from Hasselblad, Canon and Nikon. The most recent photos on the page of my daughter Louise were made with a Nikon full frame digital camera.

All photos show the full un-cropped film frame size and  "Photoshop" photo editing techniques are never used.

Black and White photography with analogue film cameras is a beautiful but demanding passion, to which - due to work and family obligations - I could not dedicate enough time over the past years . Please rest assured that in the near future I will return with more portrait and experimental landscape photography on this website. 

Feel free to write me with comments or questions.

All Photos on this Website
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1984 - 2016
Jan Willem Bakker

S t i l l s


1989 Beach Bottles

16-11-1986 Wild Cigar

19-05-1987 Washbowl


1985 There's a Party

02-05-1987 Scales

07-09-1987 Bruxelles


2 0 0 5   -   S t i l l s   &   L a n d s c a p e s

21-05-2005 Country Road

20-07-2005 Leaf

16-05-2005 Park in Siena

26-06-2005 Lemon

1 9 9 1  -  6x18cm   p a n o r a m a   p h o t o s

21-08-1991 Venice

24-08-1991 Palazzo Vecchio - Florence

21-08-1991 Florence